How to Choose Your E-vape ?

How to Choose Your E-vape ?

The electronic cigarette is a tool used by many smokers to reduce their consumption. For the choice of its electronic cigarette, it is necessary to take into account several parameters in particular the battery and the clearomiser. In addition, a factor such as the profile of the smoker can also guide his choice. Here are some tips for choosing the right electronic cigarette .


The budget and the profile are the first tips for choosing your electronic cigarette . The choice of your e-cigarette must depend on the budget you have defined for its use, because there are several more or less expensive electronic cigarette models.  The price of the vaporizer  can be $45 for smaller models and $110 for larger ones. In addition, the cigarette works with e-liquid whose budget depends on your consumption. You must therefore define the threshold price per item before deciding on a model.

In addition, you have to determine what type of smoker you are  based on the number of packs you consume on a daily basis. Light smokers are those who use less than 10 cigarettes per day. For individuals who consume between 10 cigarettes and one pack per day, we classify in the category of average smokers . Beyond the package, you are in the category of heavy smokers . Once your smoking status has been determined, you will know how to choose the material that corresponds to your current consumption.


When you have opted for a type of e-cigarette, the choice of model must be made according to the battery and the clearomiser. The battery defines the autonomy of the device,  which varies from 2 to 12 hours depending on the model chosen. Therefore, if you vape at a high frequency, the accumulator of the electronic cigarette must be powerful in order to avoid breakdown, especially during a trip or a long trip. This power can also be adjusted for the most recent devices.

As for  the clearomiser , it is the part that emits vapor. It is composed of a tank which contains the liquid. You must therefore opt for a tank capable of containing the quantity of liquid necessary for your daily consumption. In addition, the resistance of the clearomizer determines the heating capacity . Apart from these different selection criteria, you can ask the opinion of a loved one who is already using the device.


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