How to Improve Your Sleep?

How to Improve Your Sleep?

Almost all French people have poor sleep. For some, awakenings are frequent. For others, it’s impossible to sleep late or have long nights. How to make this change?


First thing to consider: changing the bedding . We can mistakenly think that the bed base and the mattress, over the years, take the shape of the body, to adapt to it, making sleep more pleasant.

If we find this on some memory foam mattresses, now the others are content over the years to lose softness, to widen, to wake up with lumbar pain. It is estimated that you should keep your bedding set for 10 years and then renew everything.

Diet and physical activity have a very important role in the quality of sleep. Here again, it is a received idea to believe that doing a sports session before going to bed will help create the ideal conditions for sleeping. The body, but also the brain, ultra stimulated by the physical effort, will on the contrary fight. There is therefore a period of time to respect between the end of the session and the moment when you go to bed.

Along the same lines, in the evening, eating light is always a good idea. It is best to avoid fatty meals, fast sugars. Taking the time to chew will promote digestion and therefore facilitate sleep.


The French take a lot of treatments to fall asleep. It is indeed sometimes difficult to fall asleep when you have worries in mind. However, there are other interesting alternatives when you want to do without medication.

First, grandmother’s remedies. A glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey works for some. Some infusions taken an hour before bedtime help to relax, to welcome sleep. We know of course the virtues of chamomile, but this plant is not the only one that has soporific properties.

Stress being the evil of the century, it is responsible for many sleep problems. We tend to ruminate and dwell on problems when it comes time to go to bed. However, even if we know that it is useless and that we should devote ourselves to the search for peace of mind, nothing helps.

Fatigue should not be taken lightly, as it has significant consequences on health, on social and family relationships and also on the quality of work. Thinking constantly does not allow the letting go that is essential to rest. To combat this, it may be worth trying cannabidiol. Completely natural, taking CBD in Paris or any other city to regain restful sleep is sometimes recommended.

Practicing self-massage, to stimulate certain areas, as can be done in palmar or plantar reflexology can also be a plus in this sense.


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