Things to Do to End Absenteeism

Things to Do to End Absenteeism

One of the biggest wounds for the company is absenteeism. A plague because, inevitably, it seriously impacts the activity of this company and consequently its profitability. This is therefore a problem that affects the global economy , but what can be done about this problem? Of course it is necessary, and even strongly necessary, to understand the origins of absenteeism in order to reduce this phenomenon. Reduce because there is an incompressible absenteeism that it will be impossible to completely eliminate. When one of your employees, for example, is sick, there is no need to bring him to work, he will perform poorly and, if his illness is contagious, may cause other victims. On the other hand, there are a few tricks to reduce this absenteeism.


Why deny it? It is better to remain lucid: one of the main causes of absenteeism is malaise at work. This malaise is very often produced by a lack of managerial quality within your company. Simple clumsiness can cause moral pressure on employees which will lead them to reduce their involvement. It must be said that management is not easy, and that it is often particularly difficult to set up a good framework, morally acceptable and allowing optimal development. Many executives are helpless in the face of this problem. Also you should consider training your managers in management, lean management for example , which will reduce absenteeism.


Even if you manage to create a good atmosphere in your company, you may still see some abuse. But there is a very practical solution if you are the recipient of a sick leave whose relevance you doubt. What can happen, for example, with an employee who multiplies this type of stop. You can always go to a company specializing in medical check-ups . This company will then take care of verifying the reality of your employee’s illness.


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