Tips for Marketing a New Property

Tips for Marketing a New Property

The digitization of the real estate market has profoundly changed the daily lives of developers and marketers responsible for selling new housing programs to us.

The 24-hour continuous publication of offers of properties for sale on hundreds of specialized sites and applications, the possibilities of prior filtering of advertisements in order to receive only the most relevant or the possibilities of co-design of housing by their future owners are all practices that are revolutionizing the new real estate market.

To meet the new expectations of buyers, the sale of new programs is changing. Here are the things to do to market a new property in 2020.


The proliferation of online visibility partners makes it essential for people in charge of marketing new real estate programs to use a latest-generation real estate CRM . These sales solutions simplify the life of the sales team by automatically distributing advertisements to partner sites and by integrating the entire sales tunnel from the first contact to the electronic signature in an ergonomic interface.

True commercial productivity tools, these specialized CRMs offer the possibility of connecting to the main integrated management software packages as well as to email marketing tools.


The explosion of square meter prices contributes to increasing the expectations of potential buyers. Faced with the investment of a lifetime, they are no longer content to consult architect’s plans in a bubble installed on the edge of the building plot. Both first-time buyers and more accomplished buyers now want to be able to get a taste of their future property .

The sales areas are therefore transformed into immersive showrooms that not only offer customer reception, but also virtual reality headsets and co-design tools. Future customers can thus walk around the home in 3D and suggest adjustments in order to take full ownership of their future living environment.


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