Tips for Setting Up Vehicle Geolocation!

Tips for Setting Up Vehicle Geolocation!

Nowadays, professional vehicles are frequently used in companies, either for the transport of goods or people. This will therefore lead to the implementation of an optimized fleet management system with a company vehicle tracking system which has become increasingly used. If you want to know more about corporate vehicle geolocation, read this article without delay.


The purpose of the geolocation of a vehicle is to be able to follow its movements remotely and in real time. Vehicles such as trucks and construction machinery are all equipped with GPS units and are tracked in real time.

For company vehicle geolocation , we mainly have two technologies that are the most used:

  • GPS/GSM: the principle of this system is based on relay antennas which relay the signals emitted by vehicles. This is the same system used in mobile telephony.
  • GPS: here the signal emitted by the car is transmitted by satellite. This system remains the most widely used, as it allows efficient tracking of vehicles both in France and abroad.

Geolocation also has some practical uses including:

  • Collect statistical data that will allow to optimize the company organization.
  • Track a delivery car and know its arrival times to anticipate possible delays.
  • Find a stolen delivery vehicle with its merchandise.


Having a real-time vehicle tracking technology has become a real advantage for a company in the management of the professional car fleet.

Tracing is a very effective tool that allows:

  • To optimize the duration of the transport and to make savings in transport.
  • Increase business efficiency.
  • Streamline the centralized management of the vehicle fleet.
  • Enhance the brand image of the company.
  • Reduce car insurance premiums.


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