What Does a Notary Do?

What Does a Notary Do?

Some professions generate erroneous representations. This is true when we talk about the notary. What is it used for ? Few people actually know that. However, this legal professional can help you on many occasions. Let’s see what it can do for you!


Let’s finish with the image of the old notary in a dusty office. The profession has evolved and can be consulted in many circumstances.

As public officers, notaries are responsible for drafting legal acts which therefore serve as evidence, when an authority requests them. Having a document signed and authenticated by a notary is legal security.

The notary is the last contact you will have in the event of a real estate sale, because it is he who drafts the authentic deed which makes you the new owner of the premises. It is also he who formalizes this handover by sending you the keys to good. No property can be sold or purchased without going through him.

The notary is a professional whom it is useful to consult when questioning the rights of the family. These rights being varied; know for example that you will consult it as well during a union, to sign a marriage contract as to undo the bonds which united you to your spouse. Indeed, the notary can advise in the event of divorce.


To find a good notary, nothing could be easier! All you have to do, for example, is go to the neonotario.com site, which lists them, city by city, everywhere in France. In some cases, you can find their schedules and contact details there. The service also allows you to make an appointment directly online with the notary you have selected, to save time.


Donation during his lifetime, inheritance and rights, adoption: the council is the ally of the families to whom it provides legal advice. It can also, in some cases, act as a mediator, always based on legal texts and by putting the focus on the well-being of families.

Indeed, certain situations involving the sharing of money or real estate, can degenerate, without explanation by a professional.

If individuals are his clients, entrepreneurs are not left out and can make an appointment with him to obtain information on company law.

It may be wise to meet with one, before creating a structure, to find out all the ins and outs of a particular legal status. After the creation, the notary can be a regular interlocutor, to know what is the best investment, according to such or such situation.

His sharp knowledge in the field of finance, personalized support, makes him a first-rate player to know the advantages but also the tax disadvantages; which can be useful to every saver.

He takes care of the management of the heritage; beyond the purchase of the property as such; so that people get the most out of their investments (whether new or old), while warning them of the consequences of a purchase, for example (payment of property tax, possible exemptions or reductions, conditions, etc. …).


You now know everything there is to know about this profession and you certainly understand its role better. As you will have understood, at different stages of your life, you will have to deal with a notary. It will not necessarily be good news every time, but this public officer will be a valuable support to help you in various important and key actions for you.


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